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  • For Rent, a Cross
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  • 01.10 "The Spirit of God - the Father of us all - lives in us all with unlimited Power. That Power is available to all because it is the Power of God. Entrance into the so-called Kingdom of God is not dependent upon what one may believe. It is dependent solely on one's recognition of the indwelling Power of God."
    12.02 "Once this Power is grasped and understood, each and all may use this great indwelling spirit of God for the manifestation here and now of everything good we can possibly need. Followed to its logical conclusion, this means a complete union of God with man is not only possible, but inescapable "
    10.12 "Religion is an evolution - NOT a theory. It is a life - not a religious tradition that never changes."
    09.02 "There is a spiritual law underlying what I am saying to you here, and the thought that your thoughts are being released into an ocean of electrical waves should certainly bring prayer down to a scientific basis in your life."

    A rennaissance of one of the most exciting religions... Psychiana

    "Any concept of God which fails to unite God and man, cannot be a true concept."

    Frank Robinson had an experience which changed his life. He instincitvely know that anyone could have the same experience, and that Christ, Buddha and Mohammed all experienced the same thing. This inspired him to give lessons with a money-back guarantee on how to reach this state yourself.

    "I am not interested in the traditional 'god' of any system of religion, I am interested only in the God who is big enough to embrace all systems of religion, with the rest of the world thrown in."

    Psychiana focuses on personal empowerment. There is no hieararchy, there is only fraternity. Within these teaching we discover the keys to transformation, the keys to personal empowerment, enlightenment, compassion and joy. Frank believed in peace and compassion and in sharing the truth. You can have a direct connection with spiritual power, without going through any intermediaries. The rewards are not in some distant time or place, there is no demand to cling to a dogma, the truth ist here and now. Frank felt that contemporary religions were failing in a large part due to superstions and dogmatism. And as is common with any speaker of the truth his ideas caused controversy..

    If you could change one thing in the world today what would it be?

    End all war

    be rich

    find love

    change myself

    end World Hunger

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    "Wise, wise men who wrote the Constitution of the United States! Wise beyond their time. Religion and government forever separate. Indeed wise, considering the condition of religion in this land today. And our leaders continue to be wise just so long as they continue to keep religion (as we have it today) forever separate from government. If this is not done, what happened in Russia may happen here. For somehow or other, these religions seem to be more interested in political power and influence than they are in the god they are supposed to be worshipping. At any rate, we find all of them trying to accumulate political power. Until religion can prove what it is, it has no right to political or any other sort of power. To date, religion has not proven itself."

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