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  • The Pathway to God
  • God in the Dark
  • America Awakening
  • What God Really Is
  • Your God Power
  • Before the Dawn
  • Ye Men of Athens
  • Gems of Spiritual Truth
  • Secret of Realization
  • The God Nobody Knows
  • Gems of Spiritual Truth
  • I talked with God
  • A Prophet Speaks
  • Psychiana
  • Blood On the Tail of a Pig
  • Through War to God
  • What This War Really Means
  • God ... and Dr. Bannister
  • A Prophet Speaks'
  • For Rent, a Cross
  • Your God Power
  • The Number of the Beast "666"
  • For Rent, a Cross
  • Before the Dawn
  • Is the Story of Jesus Christ fact or Fiction?
  • Shall We Know Each Other Beyond the Tomb?
  • The Strange Autobiography of Frank B. Robinson
  • Life Story of Frank B. Robinson
  • "You and I are here as a direct result of this Cosmic Spiritual Impulse of Law. You may call it God if you will, although I question whether the idea of a God is even logical. It has been accepted, however by many; so we will here call this Great Impulse GOD. You exist by and through the existence of this God-Law; consequently, you are a part of the original and only existing thinking Spiritual God-Impulse."

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